Why is wool best for my baby?

My mother dressed us all in wool from when we were born and I always knew I would also dress my children in woolies. In winter several layers keep my daughter warm and even in summer she  often wears wool/silk mixture underlayers. 

You can find sheep all over the world, also in hot countries. Wool has insulating properties and can absorb 35% of its own weight in moisture. Thats why in desert regions where its hot during the day and cold during the night, you still find nomadic tribes wearing wool clothing. Wool doesnt get clammy and wet as fast as cotton or other fibres, and it breaths so it feels really pleasant to wear. 

Maaike, Tablehurst Farm

As a sheep farmer I know that wool works like a flexible second skin- regulating warmth and cold and mediating moist conditions! It is the best protection you can give your child. 

Liz Attwell, Sheep Farmer and Waldorf Teacher

Pure wool being a natural fiber, is important in that it allows the skin to breath. Babies and little children can't regulate their body temperature as adults can and having clothing made of natural fibers can help the child to maintain a comfortable body temperature. Being warm and comfortable enables the child to come into (incarnate) their limbs, hands and feet and their body properly and well and also to move freely. Warmth incarnates, when we are cold we pull back, pull our hand up our sleeves, curl up our toes etc, the opposite gesture!

Little children discover the world through touch (amongst other senses.) Wearing pure wool and other natural fibers, playing with toys made of natural materials such as wood, felt, clay etc all helps to develop a healthy sense of touch and connection with the world.

Susanne Fuller, Nurse, Michael Hall Waldorf School

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