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100% wool tumblepants age 2-3 years

Strong and brave and beginning to develop their imagination, the adventurous child can play for hours outside in nature, and for that they need fine wool thermals and tough warm outer layers. How many years will your Tumblepants last before you hand them down to the next brave explorer?

Warm, comfortable and simple for the fearless toddler

  • soft, breathable 100% wool

  • elasticated cuffs and waistband

  • simple, comfortable design

  • each pair unique and handmade


These are unique!

We only make one of each pair so grab them before somebody else does!

Cut generously in length and with lots of stretch in the waist.


The wool thickness and softness will vary in each pair.

Check each item's description for details.


Waist 50cm, Outside Leg 50cm

Softness Guide

Softness: 1= Baby’s Bottom, 5= Rough & tough


Thickness: 1=Fine & Light, 5=Heavy

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