Meet the Team: Lizzie, Head Fabricator

Lizzie is our secret Tumblepants weapon- a highly skilled, super creative and all-round lovely seamstress with decades of experience. We caught up with her today to ask her about her life so far...

Tell us about the highlights of your career until now

I really loved my time in Hanson's Creature Workshop in London, making amazing creations! I also worked at Pinewood on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- and was responsible for making Violet's enormous purple outfit! I have worked for designers such as Zandra Rhodes, where I really enjoyed the supportive, exciting atmosphere. More recently, I have worked a lot with lycra - specifically ballet costumes- for companies such as Sadler Wells. I love that my work has taken me to lots of exciting places- including making showgirl outfits in Paris! My original training was in fashion at Lewisham college and then costume at London College of Fashion.

Where is your favourite place to spend time in nature?

My garden - I love it! I grow plants and vegetables and keep chickens. It's my therapy in a busy life, and I love unwinding there with a beer at the end of the day!

I also absolutely love seeing the bluebell woods in spring- it's the best time of year, everything growing and unfurling.

Where is your favourite place to take your children to play outside?

Studland Bay, in Dorset, for dam building in streams and finding all sorts of cool sea creatures!

What do you like most about the Tumblepants you make?

I love the recycle and re-use ethic, and I find it inspiring to mix up the colours and the wool to find beautiful new combinations. It's lovely knowing that the repurposed wool will go on to have another life as a pair of much-loved baby trousers, and then they will hopefully be passed on again and again to other families. I also like how practical they are- I like things that are strong and useful, as well as beautiful.

Lizzie with her favourite trousers of the week, the 'Pipe and Slippers'

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