2020 Tumblepants: Grumblepants, ambassadors and admin

I've been pretty quiet so far this year, enjoying a busy family Christmas in our new house and then a January of kids, gardening and work. Basically composting an exciting 2019 into a rich new soil for a new season. Now I'm taking stock of Bumpkin Tumblepants and where we want to go this year.

I'm about to choose some new ambassadors, those brilliant Instagram heroes who help propel this tiny business by trying out our trousers and sharing lots of beautiful photos and adventures. The ambassadors we've had in the last two years have sustained me on days of despair, celebrated successes, and been unstintingly generous with their time and energy- so I'm looking forward to having some more!

We are also almost ready to launch our Grumblepants (working title!)- Tumblepants for grown ups. I have been wearing the prototypes every day and am SO excited to share our design. We have played with bum size, crotch length, hem style, colour, pocket shape, waistbands... and I think we have really re-created the Tumblepants style with tweaks to make them super wearable for adults.

It's been so fun working with Steph to bring this new design together, I always feel really lucky that there are such cool and patient seamstresses around.

Other things I will be working on this year include improving my admin and postage times, and hopefully refining the website to take Tumblepants to the next level (while staying true to our real Bumpkin roots!).

Keep Tumblebumming :)

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