So you too can experience the Tumblepants magic!


Three hours on a sewing machine....

Three upcycled wool jumpers...

Two very happy legs...


Introducing the first ever Tumblepants for adults! These handmade, totally unique, 100% wool trousers have taken us a year to design, test and refine. They are warm, practical, amazingly comfortable and totally ethical. We pay our local seamstresses a good wage and use every part of the jumper. 


Warm, comfortable and simple for the heroic and busy Super Mama

  • soft, breathable 100% wool

  • elasticated cuffs and wide 'Mum tum' waistband

  • simple, comfortable design

  • each pair unique and handmade

  • pockets for those loose bits, phones and snacks


These are unique!

We only make one of each pair so grab them before somebody else does!

Cut generously in length and with lots of stretch in the waist.


The wool thickness and softness will vary in each pair.

Check each item's description for details.


These comfortably fit a size ten to a sixteen/eighteen woman

Softness Guide

Softness: 1= Baby’s Bottom, 5= Rough & tough


Thickness: 1=Fine & Light, 5=Heavy

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