no zips, no toggles, no frills, no fuss.

Tumblepants are good quality, hard wearing, and warm trousers made from recycled 100% wool jumpers

design details

Tumblepants are designed to be like the most comfortable trousers you've ever worn. Those soft snuggly tracksuit bottoms you love to slide into at the end of a long day at work, the trousers you'd choose for a long walk or a satisfying day working in the garden. 

They are roomy to allow space for under-layers, cloth nappies and freedom of movement. Waists are stretchy to allow room to grow, and the design focuses on comfort so that your child can concentrate on playing. They slide on easily over other layers but are also soft enough to wear as thermals. 

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bumblers 6-12 months


climbers 3-4 years

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tumblers 1-2 years

scramblers 2-3 years


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striders 4-5 years

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