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about us

We are a small team based in Forest Row. We love hunting out pre-loved 100% jumpers and giving them a new lease of life by changing them into natural, breathable woolies to keep children warm, dry and healthy!




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the bumpkin tumblepants story

Bumpkin Tumblepants was started in early 2018 by Catherine, a Waldorf teacher, farm girl, charity shop fanatic and Mum of two young children.

In the usual way, Catherine was inspired by her her experience of motherhood to create something new. After sewing her own wool trousers from a jumper, she decided to begin a sustainable business; using up the numerous pre-loved wool jumpers to create something original and high quality, using only local seamstresses.

Tumblepants have sold locally at markets, then all around the country online, and now they have been sent to families as far away as Israel and New Zealand. They are now available in sizes from 6-12 months to 4-5 years, and now brilliant neckwarmer Tumblesnoods have been added to the range. You can also buy Tumbledungas and hand knitted wool socks, and there are several other super cool products also in development.

In our second year (2019) we have been joined by three wonderful local seamstresses Hannah, Annabel and Stephanie, and we have begin working on adult sized Tumblepants, to be released this winter!

We are all exceedingly grateful to the many customers, friends, family, brand ambassadors and businesses (love you Cafe Cocoa) who have supported us in our first year, and are excited about continuing to produce great quality wool clothes for adventurous kids this year.

Our Values

Firstly, we hate waste. We want to use old, good quality wool jumpers and give them a whole new lease of life. 

Once a child has grown out of their Tumblepants, we hope they will be handed on, darned or patched as needed, and worn over and over.

We also use our wool scraps to make patchwork blankets.

Secondly, we believe in handmade, well-made, locally made products; to save on air miles, to ensure a connection with your clothing, to know that your seamstress was paid a fair wage, to support local economies.

Thirdly, we want children to be outside ALL THE TIME! Wherever they live, whoever they are, however rich or poor they may be; a generation of children who have hours of free play in nature every day could grow up to be the scientists, politicians, writers, who save this world. 

Lastly, clothes should be comfortable and made of natural fibres, to allow children to grow and move freely, and to ground them healthily in their environment.

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